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November 8, 2011 / ecschroder

First look at user auth

Now that the remake is all finished*, I can venture out into new Django territory. Users! From the documentation, it sounds like Django user auth is quite simple (viz. “included” “free” “out-of-the-box”). Still, here’s a list of vocab that I don’t know: middleware, sessions, salt and hash. Spoon, please.

This post was a great read: **

* In fact, voting doesn’t work in the remake. I figure that functionality will change a lot after I add users, so I didn’t bother with it now.

** I do not forgive you for that terrible card trick, James.

{% csrf_token %} ftw!

When I first heard about Cross Site Request Forgery protection, and its handy template token {% csrf_token %}, I thought: ruh-roh. What if I forget that?

I was thus happy to see this error:

screenshot of error message

You mean, Django is going to tell me if I #*@( up? Sweet!

Hmm. Lots of problems with the first tutorial. Let’s try the Django docs again:


Rdegges is my hero.

Thank you for the well-written and informative tutorial on User Authentication in Django. It works!

How exciting is that?

You can see the deployed version here:

Up next: Part II ..:or:.. Welcome to the party, users.

Coming next…integrate user auth + new login page template on my Trash or Treasure site. (Sorry PyLadies, I haven’t forgotten you & your awesome support. Temporarily deferred while db-class heats up. =)


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